In the early 1980’s a group of UC Santa Cruz students began living out of various converted vehicles and mobile living spaces in the East Remote Parking Lot of the campus. The  University demanded that they vacate the premises but as the students had parking 1175187_10152102707731381_986407668408625459_npasses, they could not legally be forced out of the space. In response the University graded and paved over a small portion of land in the northwest corner of campus and the UCSC Camper Park was born. For over 30 years the “Trailer Park” community thrived and evolved, fostering succeeding cohorts of students. Now, in 2016 the Park faces a radical transformation and is in need of community support.

Here is a video from 2000 explaining how the park started and one of the first times the community had to work with the school to save this community.