Letter of Support

Hello all,

This is a longer letter that you can personalize and address to the key UC Santa Cruz Administrators to show your support for our proposal, as well as your wish for them to continue to work with us till we can meet a collaborative and effective outcome.  Please copy and paste this in an email and modify it to reflect you then send it separately dressed to the key UCSC administrators listed below. Thank you for your continued support. Long live the Park!

Please address separate letters to key UCSC administrators.

-George Blumenthal, Chancellor, UC Santa Cruzchancellor@ucsc.edu
-Allison Gallaway vice-chancellor UC Santa Cruz gallow@ucsc.edu
– Lucy Rojas Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs, UC Santa Cruz, deanofstudents@ucsc.edu
-Sarah Latham Vice Chancellor, Business & Administrative Services, UC Santa Cruz, sclatham@ucsc.edu
-Sue Mathews Associate Vice Chancellor,Colleges, Housing and Educational Services (CHES), UC Santa Cruz ,sdmatthe@ucsc.edu
-John Barnes, Associate Vice Chancellor and Campus Architect,Physical Planning & Construction, UC Santa Cruz, barnesj@ucsc.edu
-Lisa Akeson, Director,Real Estate Office/Monterey Bay Education, Science and Technology Center (REO/MBEST), ljakeson@ucsc.edu
-Dave Keller, Director of housing Services, UC Santa Cruz, dckeller@ucsc.edu


I am writing to voice my support for the student community at the UCSC Camper park. Specifically, I ask UC Santa Cruz administrators to work with the community, allow them to lease the land, and create a sustainable low income housing comunity.

The Camper Park community has been a hub for for artistic creativity, collaborative community, and social action in Santa Cruz . The Park is a landmark for the city of Santa Cruz and an invaluable and irreplaceable asset to UC Santa Cruz. The loss of this inspiring community would be a tragic mistake at a time when innovations in sustainability and community building are needed more than ever.

A coalition of students, faculty, and community leaders are working to develop a clear and reasonable plan for how to affordably maintain and manage this educational resource. A proposal, which includes the option of working with a third party non-profit property manager, would allow students to stay at the current trailers while the community-at-large engages in a long-term planning process to convert the trailers to sustainable tiny houses.

I urge UC Santa Cruz to work with the proposal developed by faculty, students residents, and community members to allow the Camper Park community to remain on-site until a long term plan has been developed.

[The Park had a powerful impact on my professional career / education / research. Write here about how the Camper Park acted as a resource / educational influence in your own life. This part is critical – UC Santa Cruz admin is most concerned about their reputation as an educational & research institution, so please tie here to that mission.]

Akin to any culture, community continuity and place are critical to the Camper Park. The unique setting, and memories of how the park came to be, and living in the Trailers, cement a community identity that is inextricably tied to the place. This identity nurtures a strong network of alumni and friends that mentor new generations to live as active contributors in the world. Students inherit a cooperative sense of ownership, stories and traditions that are passed to every new student through an oral tradition that reach back to the student pioneers that started the park in 1984.

Now is not the time to destroy the community – it is time to strengthen the Camper park.

The remarkable program costs UC Santa Cruz nothing. While Student Housing developed an estimate for the university owned trailers would cost an upward of 2.8 million dollars, the Camper Park students have worked with faculty and community leaders to develop a plan that would address all immediate physical concerns for a fraction of the cost.

If administered by third party non-profit, this offers a fair and reasonable solution for all concerns.

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